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You might have run into the problem of thinning hair. Now, you’d like to know your options and the best weave for thin hair. There is a route to go if you have fine thin hair and are looking for hair extensions. Now there is a way to hide it with hair extensions aka hair weave.

Some hair extensions options will do more harm than good if you aren’t careful. Here I’ll go over the options you should pass up on and why. Check out my previous post to understand different hair weaves and how to apply them here.

Sew In Weaves – The usual option of braids may not work for you since your hair is thinning; meaning you may not have enough hair for strong braids for a classic weave. The sew in option is not the way to go if you are struggling with alopecia.

Clip In Hair Extensions – This is usually the easiest option to do yourself or for a hair stylist, but in this case, it is heavy for thin hair. It’s highly likely to pull out thin hair as well as damage it. So stay away from this as well.

Fusion Weave – This is the most complicated method to attach hair using a keratin bond. If this was normal hair we were talking about this would be a viable option. Since it isn’t, this is as damaging as a sew in weave would be. Too heavy for the hair and equally damaging.

As you can see most options for weaves aren’t a good option for thinning hair. the best option is tape in hair extensions.
What is tape in extensions? – Applied by a hair stylist typically a 2-inch weft is affixed to the natural hair by way of hair tape. This is the way to go if you have thin hair.

Maintenance of Thin Hair
Washing and Conditioning – You must select the right shampoo and conditioner that won’t do more harm than good. That to say, select a gentle product. Gentle is the word and action to think of when washing and conditioning. Instead of a hard scrub use your fingertips.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was of some sort of help to you. Share with a friend who could use this information, thanks in advance!

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