What Is Hair Grades, Their Meanings and What They Are

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Somehow, the thought has crossed your mind and are wondering what does hair grades mean? When you think of hair think of a quality that is assigned to it. Local beauty stores will sell lower grade hair.
With it will come the opposite outcome of what you are looking for such as shedding and tangling.

The longevity of the hair will last a short while.
The length of time can last up to a month and that is if it’s cared for properly. Let’s get right to it!

5A Grade Hair

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When you think of 5a grade hair, think of it as a middle ground. This hair grade is one step up from 4a grade hair which I won’t go over due to it’s quality. Sourced from multiple hair donors, an inbetween for the best hair and the worst hair. Yes, it still is virgin hair but the base is thinner. Usually the hair can last up to 6 months if properly cared for.
Buy this hair if you don’t plan to use it more than once and you arent planning to invest heavily for treatment and coloring. The least permeable of the hairs, meaning you are limited to what colors you can use. In this case, its brown.

6A Grade Hair

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Getting closer to a high quality hair this hair type is more permeable and is much easier to dye to lighter tones. The time you can use this hair is from 6 months up to a year. The base of this hair is better than 5A because it is wider. It can be reused more than once and the lengths to have would be 18 inches at most and 12 inches at the shortest.

7A Grade Hair

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Body wave hair is great at 7a hair and will be acceptable to wear. As the grade goes up less tangling and shedding is expected. If you tend to like kinky curly hair,(I went over a few curly weave hair types which you can check out in this post here 8a hair will be the better choice.

Why? The higher grade hair tangles less and sheds less and a very curly hair will need to be of higher quality as to not sabotage itself.

8A Grade Hair

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At this point the quality of the hair is premium and close to royalty grade ( I will go over later). By premium I mean it’s unprocessed with the cuticles facing in one direction. The hair shaft is very great if properly cared for can last for 2 years with coloring. Yes, two years so you can get multiple uses and the most bang for your buck.

9A Grade Hair

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A full thick hair shaft with full cuticles and can last 2 years. A better option if you want to your hair to a white color. For those looking to buy very long hair this is what you should get. Now at a luxury grade almost at the best of the best.

10A Grade Hair

10a grade hair

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If you want to color your hair to a complete white, this quality of hair will allow it. This grade of hair has its full cuticles and a thick shaft. Unprocessed and from one donor. Very little maintenance is required due to the quality. Go with 10a grade hair if you plan to have long hair or very curly hair. Just as the others if properly cared for it can last for a long while.

Now, your decision should be an easier one to make. Hope you choose the best option for you and that you look flawless. Take care until next post!