Processed vs. Unprocessed Hair

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Which should you choose? Processed or unprocessed hair? Well, I’ll go over both in order to make your decision that much easier.There are pros and cons to both.

What Is Processed Hair?
Processed hair can refer to the hair going through the process of bleaching, dyeing, perming, relaxing, etc.Processed hair can be from many donors. Before said process of styling it is submerged in an acidic bath to remove it’s cuticles. Usually it’s coated with silicone.

After the acidic bath, the manufacturer can color and treat the hair in any way they would like.
Due to the processes, the lifetime of the hair is much shorter than if weren’t processed. If you want it to last longer than processed hair isn’t for you.

What Is Unprocessed Hair?

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No chemicals have been used on the hair as well as no acidic bath. Another term for unprocessed hair is “remy hair”. Meaning, the cuticles are still in place. Collected from one donor and the strands face one direction.
The lifetime of the hair is much longer than processed hair.
If the need to color your hair arises, you can match it to yours.
Hair stylists can easily see what colors and tones it pulls and the beginning tones of the hair.
Soft and viable to wash than processed hair due to the absence of silicone.

More costly but worth it as the pros outway the cons
If straight hair is bought you will have to process it for kinky hair.

Final Thoughts
Unprocessed “Remy” Hair would seem to me to be the better option. The cost may be more but the benefits outweigh it. Imagine getting Processed hair and it lays every which way, would you want to walk around like that? Will you be comfortable when it mats up? No, you wouldn’t so if quality is what you are looking for and want to look your best, go with unprocessed remy hair. Well, that’s just my thought do what’s best for you!

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