Can You Dye Remy Hair?

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First things first, I should go over what remy hair is. Remy hair is of the finest quality you can think of when it comes to hair. Because of its high quality, the value is high as is the popularity. To collect the hair it’s arranged in one direction. In comparison, non remy hair is handled in many ways. With the various ways, its handled will lead to tangling and matting of the hair.

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You might be wondering if you can dye remy hair. It is an extension to your existing hair but the answer is yes!

Yes, you can, anything that can be done to your hair can be done to remy hair as well. You will have to take precautions beforehand with something called a strand test.

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What Is A Strand Test?
A strand test is a preparatory test to see if the hair can withstand the process which you’d like to put the hair through. This is very important if the hair is heavily damaged or a dramatic change is wanted. This will tell you the results of how the rest of the hair will do.

How To Do A Strand Test?
A section of hair is taken preferably from the back. Just enough is used to see the color will hold for the rest of the hair and it won’t fall out. Next place your hair up so it doesn’t interfere. Mix a teaspoon of developer with a teaspoon of color cream in a bowl. Next, simply apply the mix to the sectioned off hair. Allow the mix to process for 30 minutes. After the time has passed rinse and blow dry. The result is either suitable or it isn’t and from there you can decide.

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