4 Different Curly Weave Types

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What Is Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hair is a go-to alternative to the traditional straightened look. There is a prominent “S” that you can see when you look at the hair. Don’t worry about having to style it heavily because it’s perfect on its own. A Virgin Brazilian Body Wave is the best option. If you are looking for a style with umph this is it, it encompasses style, attitude, class and of course sheen.

What Is Curly Weave Hair?

The curls of the hair coil around entirely and bounces back even when wet. Weatherproof so no worries if it’s too hot or raining outside. Easiest to maintain and heat and color don’t change it.


What Is Loose Wave Hair?

A blend of waves and curls. The curls are somewhat smaller and closer. The pattern of it, if described is a coiled wave.

What Is Kinky Curly Hair

Easiest described as a permanent pinch. Used often if you are looking to go natural. This will ease the shift if you are used to hair weaves. A light curl with big personality this can be the statement you want and need.

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